Apartment Block Management

At Bohan Hyland & Associates we understand that a well-run complex is a better place to live. It generates higher rental income for landlords and achieves higher sales prices for owners.

In all our developments we work closely with the management committee to ensure that the owners’ and residents’ requirements are being met and, as a small company, we pride ourselves on the personal touch that larger companies cannot offer.

Our Company and all our Property Managers are licensed with the Property Services Regulatory Authority. It is now a requirement under the Property Services Act 2011 that all property service providers be licensed.

A brief description of the functions we carry out as Managing Agent are listed below but should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact our office:


We prepare realistic budgets for service charge and sink/reserve funds in close consultation with the Managing Committee who are elected by the owners.

The budgets are prepared in advance of the financial year and are agreed by all members at a general meeting.

Collection of Service Charge:

We adhere to strict guidelines in relation to the collection of the service charge and these guidelines will be agreed with the Management Committee in advance.

We offer flexible payment plans to owners to pay over the course of the year, while ensuring sufficient cash flows to allow for the smooth running of the complex.


We prepare an agreed schedule of maintenance, taking into account both long term projects and routine site maintenance, to ensure the complex is maintained to the highest possible standards at all times.

We liaise and review all contractors and service providers on a regular basis to ensure best quality and best value on all aspects of maintenance and service provision.


  • We maintain accounts and details of all transactions and these accounts are available to the board at any time.
  • We maintain the bank accounts in conjunction with an active board member to ensure transparency both for the board and all owners.
  • All payments require sign off by a member of the management committee.
  • We prepare end of year accounts and liaise with the Auditors.

Site Inspections:

We carry out regular site inspections to ensure the highest standards are being adhered to by all contractors and service providers.

We endeavour to be proactive rather than reactive.

Code of Conduct:

In conjunction with the Board of Management we will draw up a code of conduct (House Rules) and we will endeavour to enforce this across the complex.

The code of conduct will be drawn up with reference to the lease agreement in place for the complex.


We maintain an updated database of all owners and residents to ensure good communication regarding the complex.


We attend to all queries and correspondence as they arise. We also provide a 24 hour emergency service and liaise with the emergency services providers where necessary.

AGM & Directors:

We organise and attend the AGM and are available to meet with the directors on a regular basis to provide updates on the complex and offer advice as required.

Other Services:

We are happy to act as Company Secretary if required to ensure that all company regulatory duties are adhered to, including all filings with the company’s office.

It is our belief that our attention to detail and commitment to service sets us apart from other Managing Agents.

While this is a brief summary of our service, should you have any further questions, please call us and we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.